Monthly FX Dashboard – November 2023

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Reset needed as gov eyes unsustainable sources of income

Key points The government is eyeing funds in the Reserve Bank’s Gold and Foreign Exchange[...]

SARB MPC Review – November 2023

Bottom Line The SARB kept rates on hold with the vote unanimous in favour of[...]

The Surprising Accessibility of In-House Banking Solutions

By Pieter Cronje, Director and Head of Cash & Liquidity, TreasuryONE   In-house banking has[...]

Connectivity-as-a-service with TreasuryONE

TreasuryONE offers a connectivity solution that operates independently of banks and ERPs   Organisations face[...]

Monthly Rates Dashboard – November 2023

Key points Tight credit conditions, a weak local economy, and expectations that the global monetary[...]

Geopolitical tensions making precious metals more attractive

BASELINE VIEW – PRECIOUS METALS: Geopolitical uncertainty continues to support gold’s safe-haven allure as the[...]

Are the cracks in the US economy?

We have all been singing the praises of the US economy of late, where the[...]

Better than expected budget deficit, but trajectory still worrying

Key points The key takeaway from the 2023 Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) is that[...]

The Benefits of Treasury Outsourcing

Effective treasury management stands as a linchpin of financial success. The modern treasurer is not[...]