Bank Fee Analysis

Improve bank fee transparency, compare bank pricing, and identify billing discrepancies in your bank fees.

Track Record: R12m bank fees billing discrepancies identified and reversed.


Realise significant savings and improve treasury ROI through automated bank fee analysis

Deploy automated controls to safeguard against overcharges and ensure compliance with agreed rates



Benchmark current bank fees and identify irregularities/overcharges against negotiated fees.

Automated reports

Receive any of a wide range of customised automated reports, making it easier to share the results of the bank fee analysis with stakeholders and management.


Compare banks

Analyse fees per category charged per bank for easy fee negotiation.

Bank fees per bank comparison


Bank fees per category per month


Our proven track record

This retail giant was dealing with the complexity of managing over 200+ bank accounts, a logistical challenge that often led to overlooked financial inefficiencies.

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Conducting a comprehensive bank fee assessment can be challenging due to its complexity, lack of standardisation, and the resources required. However, using digital tools and data analytics, you can achieve game-changing transparency. Bank fee optimisation isn’t just about lowering costs; it’s about creating a balanced, cost-effective banking relationship that enhances your company’s financial health and growth. When done effectively, it becomes a strategic advantage, uncovering hidden savings year after year. 
Pieter Cronje, Director and Head of Cash & Liquidity Management at TreasuryONE

Why choose TreasuryONE

This makes connecting and uploading your bank account analysis statements easy and convenient.

Our team categorise and analyses fees on statements so that reporting is correct and meaningful.

We provide insight into all-inclusive rates by product family, enabling you to compare pricing across banks.

View bank fees from all different angles. Fees per category per month, per bank, over a period with detailed drilldown capabilities.