Bell Equipment is a global equipment supplier with more than 50,000 machines operating in over 80 countries. The Group has nine marketing and support operations outside South Africa and more than 150 offshore distribution outlets and dealerships. Locally the company has over 20 distribution outlets. The company is exposed to foreign currency risks due to international trade, foreign subsidiaries, and currency conversions for financial reporting.


    • Company: Bell Equipment
    • Headquarters: South Africa
    • Founded: 1954
    • Industry: The group provides equipment solutions to the construction, mining, quarrying, agriculture, forestry and waste-handling industries
    • Company Size: Listed on the JSE Limited under the Engineering & Machinery sector
    • TreasuryONE services selected: Exchange Rate Risk Management


  • Volatile Currency Markets: Fluctuating exchange rates posed a significant risk to Bell Group’s financial performance, as they affected the company’s revenues, expenses, and profitability
  • Complex Transactional Exposure: Bell Group engaged in numerous cross-border transactions, including imports, exports, and international sales. The company needed to assess and manage the impact of currency fluctuations on these transactions.


TreasuryONE implemented a comprehensive FX risk management solution for Bell Group, incorporating the following key steps:

  • Risk Assessment: TreasuryONE conducted a thorough analysis of Bell Group’s operations, financial exposures, and risk appetite to identify and quantify the FX risks the company faced. This assessment encompassed transactional exposure, translation exposure, and economic exposure.
  • Hedging Instruments: TreasuryONE advised Bell Group on suitable hedging instruments to mitigate FX risk, such as forwards, options, and futures contracts. They evaluated the benefits and costs associated with each instrument to ensure an optimal risk-reward balance.
  • Implementation and Execution: TreasuryONE assisted Bell Group in implementing the FX risk management strategy by executing hedging transactions on behalf of the company. They monitored market conditions, executed trades at opportune times, and ensured compliance with relevant regulatory frameworks.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Analysis: TreasuryONE continuously monitored currency markets and provided regular updates to Bell Group. They analysed the performance of hedging strategies, identified potential improvements, and recommended adjustments when necessary to align with changing market conditions and company goals.


  • By employing appropriate hedging instruments and executing trades at favourable exchange rates, Bell Group minimised the impact of currency fluctuations on its financial performance. This resulted in cost savings and improved profitability.
  • TreasuryONE’s ongoing monitoring and analysis provided Bell Group with valuable insights into currency market dynamics. This information enabled the company to make informed decisions regarding pricing, procurement, and expansion plans in foreign markets.