Financial Market Research & Economic Insights

Our skill base includes economists, quantitative analysts, market strategists, programmers, and econometricians. This diverse skill set gives us the breath of coverage needed to provide the bespoke solutions that our clients demand.


Examples of past research projects

  • Competitor analysis for an African Energy Multinational
  • Performance benchmarking of in-country divisions for an African company
  • Quantitative assessment of an interest rate hedging strategy
  • Economic impact assessment for international mining company looking to enter Mozambique
  • Bespoke econometric model creation for a large African company
  • Suitability study of currency hedging products for trade finance fund
  • Pricing of debt origination structures for a European impact investing fund
  • Benchmarking for SA fund manager
  • Quantitative creation of implied curves for pricing purposes
  • Cost escalation modelling for an international platinum miner

Why choose TreasuryONE and ETM Analytics

There is no upfront bias to skew a view. We take the emotion out of it, and we focus on the facts.

There is no need to in-source skills or manage them. Take advantage of the broad skill set contained within ETM Analytics and TreasuryONE. 

We employ a diverse skill set to address questions from all angles.

Meet the team


Wichard Cilliers

Head of Market Risk (Director)


Andre Cilliers

Currency Risk Strategist

George Glynos ETM TreasuryONE

George Glynos

Co-Founder, Director and head of Research at ETM Analytics


Quinten Berthenshaw

Co-Founder – Executive Director – ETM Group