Offshore Investments

Need to send money abroad or repatriate funds?

Track Record: R300bn FX traded | 45k+ FX deals confirmed  | 17k+ FX settlements.


We make transferring money out of SA easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free

Experience peace of mind with our dedicated FX money transfer service

Step-by-step assistance

All your questions about taking money offshore, are answered by a team of experts.

Secure best rates & charges

Get a quote and test our rates against the bank. No fees for amounts over R100 000. We help you time your flow of money to optimise the rates achieved.

Hassle-free administration

From account opening to completion of the BOP form, to settlement of the transaction, we give you clear guidance and advice.

Discretionary Allowance:

Each individual over 18 years of age with a South African ID has R1 million discretionary allowance per calendar year. This can be used for travel, gifts, offshore spending or investments. This allowance resets on the 1st of January each year.

Investment Allowance:

Over and above your R1 million discretionary allowance, you may externalise a further R10 million per person with the approval of an Application for International Transfer (AIT) from SARS. At no additional cost, TreasuryONE assists in obtaining AIT certificates. (*Note: You may be able to transfer investments larger than R11 million, subject to further SARS approval.)

Repatriating Funds:

If you properly register your funds when bringing money back into South Africa, you can withdraw the amount at any time in the future without affecting your allowances or requiring tax clearance—this is frequently a useful reserve.

Funds in, Funds out:

We can do back-to-back transactions where funds have to flow from one source and be taken out to another. Instead of needing to sell all your forex and buy it back, you can pay margin and cost on both transactions. Doing a back-to-back transaction reduces your cost by half, and settlement can happen simultaneously without affecting your allowances or needing an AIT certificate.

Other Payments:

Invoices and tuition payments are easily done, and in some cases, you may not need to come off your allowance, leaving your allowance available for any other transactions you may need to do.

Why choose TreasuryONE

We consistently secure better rates and charges than local banks.

We provide insight into market sentiment and views on current and future rates.

Our expert dealer and operations staff will guide you through the complexities.

For amounts greater than R100 000, all local transfer costs and fees are included.

We can help you secure SARS tax clearance and/or SARB approval.

Administration is simple and efficient with our dedicated operations team.

What clients say about our service


The service received from TreasuryONE is on another level. They are not only knowledgeable, but consistent in their attention to detail.


TreasuryONE offers exceptional service. Their knowledgeable staff offer sound, timely advice and always go the extra mile.


The TreasuryONE team is exceptional, offering us invaluable guidance and great service. 


The staff at TreasuryONE is knowledgeable, providing invaluable insights that have helped me navigate the transaction with ease.