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Data integration: Ensuring that the data is properly integrated between the two systems can be a challenge, as different systems may use different data formats or structures.

Security: Ensuring that sensitive financial information is protected during the integration process is crucial. This may involve implementing additional security measures such as encryption.

Compliance: Organisations may need to ensure that they are in compliance with various regulations when connecting their bank and ERP systems.

Connectivity: Maintaining a stable and reliable connection between the two systems can be a challenge, especially if the systems are located in different geographical locations.

IT Support: If the ERP system doesn’t have a built-in integration with the bank, organisations may need to rely on IT support to build a custom integration.

Cost: Implementing and maintaining the integration can be costly, especially if custom development work is required.


  • Expertise: We are specialised experts in connecting bank and ERP systems, which helps ensure that the integration is implemented and maintained effectively.
  • Increased efficiency: With seamless integration, data can flow between the systems automatically, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimising errors.
  • System agnostic: Agnostic of ERP, banks or financial systems, we can connect to any bank and system using the latest technology and supporting API functionality.
  • Maintenance: The channels are monitored and maintained by TreasuryONE’s team of connectivity experts.


Mr Price has chosen TreasuryONE’s Connectivity-as-a-Service technology solution to enhance their cross-border payment operations. This partnership marks a significant milestone in streamlining their payment processes and ensuring efficient connectivity worldwide.

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A large South African chemical services company selected TreasuryONE’s Connectivity-as-a-Service technology solution for seamless payment processing and bank statement intestatus updates

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“Our Connectivity-as-a-Service solution provides clients with a single point of access to multiple payment systems, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. By reducing the risk of manual errors, optimising payment processing capabilities, and minimising the time spent managing connectivity with multiple banks, our solution will help clients achieve their objectives.”
Morne Klynsmith, Head of Treasury Technology, TreasuryONE


Experience streamlined connectivity, enhanced control, and optimised operational efficiency. Unlock the power of seamless processing, increased security, and real-time insights to propel your business forward.

Optimised Bank Connectivity: Our solution streamlines and centralises your bank connectivity, eliminating the need for separate connections with each bank. This simplifies your banking landscape, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances overall efficiency in managing your banking relationships.

A proven and established connectivity network to over 10,000 banks worldwide.

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