Liquidity optimisation by a team of experts

We provide complete visibility into your cash positions, liquidity forecasts, and transactional information to manage day-to-day cash flow.
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2022 track record:  R35bn+ in Money Markets | 10k+ bank statements daily | R5m+ saved in bank fees



Get real-time daily cash visibility on 100% of your bank accounts across your organisation and banking footprint. 


Daily Cash Management


Optimise your financial operations with our assistance in setting up cash pooling and sweeping structures.


Cash Flow Forecasting

Reduce forecast time by 70% and get accurate cash flow data, replacing complex spreadsheets.


Opportunity Cost Calcs


We calculate daily opportunity costs associated with cash balances in your bank accounts and minimise costs.


Bank Fee

Enhance bank fee visibility, benchmark your pricing  and uncover billing errors in your bank fees.


Investment Management

We recommend products based on your risk tolerance, your investment policy, and your return requirements.



World-Class TMS Solutions:

We leverage industry-leading Treasury Management System solutions, which offers seamless connectivity to all major banks.

By setting up your corporate banking footprint on our TMS, we provide you with real-time visibility of all your bank accounts. This enables you to have a holistic view of your cash positions and transactions, ensuring efficient management of your liquidity.

Cash Management Requirements:

Our team works closely with your companies and divisions to understand their daily cash management needs.

By gaining insights into your unique requirements, we ensure that your accounts are properly funded and surplus cash is optimally invested. Our expertise allows us to identify opportunities to enhance returns while maintaining liquidity and managing risk.

Cash Flow Forecasting Tool:

We deploy our advanced Cash Flow Forecasting (CFF) tool to generate accurate and reliable cash flow forecasts for your company. These forecasts are provided on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your cash flow drivers and variances. Our tool helps you anticipate cash inflows and outflows, enabling better decision-making and proactive management of liquidity.

Optimal Funding and GL Journals:

Based on the insights from cash flow forecasts and your cash management requirements, we ensure the optimal movement of funds between accounts. This ensures that each account is funded appropriately, minimising any potential shortfalls or excess balances.

Additionally, we generate General Ledger (GL) journals for immediate processing by your corporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, streamlining your financial operations.

World-class technology


  • Access to a team of Specialists: We employ a team of treasury professionals specialising in cash and liquidity management to optimise returns on idle cash and reduce borrowing costs.
  • Scalability: Our solutions allows your team to scale fast without compromising on knowledge and experience cost saving.
  • We work with World-Class Technology: We implement, support and design cash management using world-class treasury technology. Our team ensures 100% cash visibility, performs daily cash management transactions, produces forecast reports and review pooling and sweeping instructions.

  • Save Money and Reduce Risk: Generate significant cost savings through the shared use of expert human, technical resources and economies of scale while reducing the risk of small treasury teams. Using a single technology for communication with banks will result in lower costs and a greater degree of bank independence.


Thungela was formed when the South African thermal coal operations demerged from Anglo-American and listed on the JSE and LSE in June 2021. As a result of the demerger, Thungela had to set up its own treasury department.

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TreasuryONE’s dealing team works closely with DRDGOLD to protect them from adverse movements in the exchange rate when the risk arises, ensuring that the company is effectively hedged and adverse exchange rate movements are avoided.

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Following the unbundling of Motus from Imperial Holdings, the Imperial team responsible for their treasury activities remained within Imperial. Motus performed a comprehensive analysis to weigh up the pros and cons of setting up their own internal treasury team or appointing the experienced treasury outsourcer TreasuryONE that was already familiar with the group.

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In 2010, Royal Bafokeng Platinum went public as a platinum group metals producer. As the business grew and financial risk increased with a ZAR 1.5 billion deposit (~= US$115 million), they sought expert treasury management and partnered with TreasuryONE for a full managed treasury services solution.

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The Gold One and TreasuryONE teams have integrated to form a true operational partnership, in which TreasuryONE’s professional service provision is now embedded into Gold One’s finance operation.  On a daily basis, TreasuryONE’s market skills and experience, treasury management expertise and operational capabilities add value to Gold One’s financial performance, supporting the treasury team’s activities in several complementary ways.

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By partnering with TreasuryONE for our Cash, Liquidity, and Forecasting Solutions, you can expect the following benefits:

Minimised Opportunity Costs: Our solutions ensure that bank accounts are not left with idle balances. Surplus funds are efficiently invested in interest-bearing accounts, maximising returns and minimising opportunity costs. Additionally, any shortfalls are addressed through appropriate borrowing from facilities, optimising cash utilisation.

Enhanced Financial Planning: With accurate cash flow forecasting, you gain a clear and comprehensive view of your future cash flow projections. This enables you to plan effectively for upcoming events, manage liquidity requirements, and make informed strategic decisions.

Streamlined Cash Management: By centralising cash visibility and implementing daily cash management practices, you achieve greater control and efficiency in managing your cash positions worldwide. This reduces manual efforts, improves accuracy, and enhances overall cash management processes.

Optimised Banking Footprint: Our comprehensive approach enables us to evaluate your banking relationships and consolidate them, if necessary. By optimising your banking footprint, we help you streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

Improved Decision-Making: Our detailed variance analysis provides valuable insights into the drivers of cash flow forecast variances. This empowers management to understand the factors influencing deviations from the forecast, make adjustments when needed, and optimise financial performance.

“Following the completion of the demerger with Anglo American, it was a “no-brainer” to approach TreasuryONE and select the services we thought we could deploy and benefit from. TreasuryONE’s team jumped in and we were up and running within a few short weeks as a result.”

Deon Smith, FD, Thungela

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