Drive End-to-End Cashflow & Payment Efficiency

Our cloud-based solution integrates with any bank and ERP, reducing the cost of idle cash.
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Track record 2023: 80M+ transactions | $100B+ in payments | Connects to 60k+ bank accounts

The banking hub offers a simple way for your organisation to replace spreadsheets with automation, develop more timely cash visibility and secure greater payments control without the complexity of a Treasury Management System implementation.




Cash Visibility





Connectivity & Integration:

The Banking Hub seamlessly connects all your banking & financial partners and with your internal enterprise resources systems, custom-developed systems and more. The automated connectivity delivers absolute transparency in your cash holdings as well as liquidity positions, enabling businesses to assess risks in an informed manner.

The Banking Hub offers countless possibilities for connecting. The solution has proven and established connections to over 10,000 banks worldwide and supports all channels, including SWIFT, EBICS, H2H and API interfaces.

Real-time Cash Visibility, Cash Pooling & Sweeping:

By connecting your internal systems and banks, we enable automated real-time cash visibility across all your bank accounts. Finance teams can monitor balances, transactions, and account activities in a single consolidated view. The Banking Hub facilitates real-time cash pooling and sweeping, resulting in optimised cash positions across multiple accounts.

Consolidate excess funds into a central account for efficient cash utilisation or sweep funds to fulfil specific payment obligations. This dynamic liquidity management enhances cash flow control and maximises returns on surplus funds.

Cash flow forecasting:

We continuously analyse the economic landscape, staying informed about market trends, geopolitical developments, and regulatory changes that may impact your risk exposures. This ongoing analysis ensures that our hedging strategies remain relevant and adaptive to changing market conditions, maximising their effectiveness.

Central Payments Hub:

The Banking Hub allows for seamless payment processing through any bank within a single platform. Our integrated payment functionalities enable efficient payment initiation, approval workflows, and seamless integration with enterprise and internal systems.

With fraud detection, sanction screening and a digitised payment policy, you protect your financial assets and reputation.

Financial Instrument Management:

Record Money Market and FX deals, Facilities/Credit Lines, incl. fees with the automatic creation of payments for settling financial deals. Automatic inclusion of financial instruments in the forecasting module.


  • Access to a team of Specialists: We employ a team of treasury professionals specialising in cash and liquidity management to optimise returns on idle cash and reduce borrowing costs.
  • Scalability: Our solutions allows your team to scale fast without compromising on knowledge and experience cost saving.
  • We work with World-Class Technology: We implement, support and design cash management using world-class treasury technology. Our team ensures cash visibility is 100%, performs daily cash management transactions, produces forecast reports and review pooling and sweeping instructions.
  • Save Money and Reduce Risk: Generate significant cost savings through the shared use of expert human, technical resources and economies of scale while reducing the risk of small treasury teams. Using a single technology for communication with banks will result in lower costs and a greater degree of bank independence.


Caxton Alternative Management boosted their cash & liquidity with the Banking Hub’s Cash Management & Payments

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Mr Price has chosen TreasuryONE’s state-of-the-art Connectivity-as-a-Service technology solution to enhance their cross-border payment operations. This partnership marks a significant milestone in streamlining their payment processes and ensuring efficient connectivity worldwide.

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Avalon economised and decluttered their resource-intensive treasury operations

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A large South African chemical services company selected TreasuryONE’s Connectivity-as-a-Service technology solution for seamless payment processing and bank statement intestatus updates

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Experience streamlined connectivity, enhanced control, and optimised operational efficiency. Unlock the power of seamless processing, increased security, and real-time insights to propel your business forward. Embrace the future of finance with the Banking Hub today.

By leveraging our Banking Hub solution, you can expect the following results:

Optimised Bank Connectivity: Our solution streamlines and centralises your bank connectivity, eliminating the need for separate connections with each bank. This simplifies your banking landscape, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances overall efficiency in managing your banking relationships.

Enhanced Cash Visibility: Real-time cash visibility across all bank accounts empowers you with accurate and timely information for effective cash management and strategic decision-making. You gain better control over your liquidity positions, reducing risks and maximising opportunities.

Efficient Payments Landscape: Our integrated payment capabilities enable streamlined and efficient payments processing. You can initiate, approve, and track payments seamlessly, regardless of the bank, ensuring timely and accurate execution of payment transactions.

Strengthened Fraud Protection: With our advanced fraud detection and prevention services, your corporate benefits from robust security measures. Potential fraudulent activities are proactively identified, mitigated, and prevented, safeguarding your financial assets and maintaining trust with your stakeholders.

The Banking Hub offers you countless possibilities for connecting to your financial partners and have a proven and established connectivity network to over 10,000 banks worldwide.

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