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Our track record:  85+ TMS implementations | Supports 2k+ users | Connects 10k+ bank accounts


How much cash do we have?    |    Are our assets protected?    |    Are we fully hedged?    |    Are our transactions complete?    |    Who can do what?

We provide treasury technology solutions customised to provide clear answers to these questions

The IT2 TMS is a fully integrated best practice solution that supports treasury in its entirety, fulfilling cash, debt and investment, financial risk, treasury accounting and hedge accounting requirements.

Kyriba is a global leader in next generation treasury solutions in the cloud. Kyriba enables CFO’s and finance teams to increase compliance, reduce risk, and provide the insight necessary for strategic financial decision-making.

TreasuryXpress makes it possible for companies of all sizes to manage cash, improve liquidity utilisation, streamline electronic payment processes, and increase treasury controls and efficiencies.


Needs Analysis:

We begin by thoroughly analysing your company’s treasury requirements. Our experienced team engages with key stakeholders, understanding your current processes, challenges, and goals. This analysis allows us to identify the most suitable TMS solution that aligns with your needs and budget.

Solution Recommendation:

Based on the requirements analysis, we recommend the best TMS solution from our offerings. Our recommendation considers factors such as system capabilities, scalability, integration capabilities, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness. We provide clear insights and guidance to help you make an informed decision.


Once the TMS solution is selected, our team handles the implementation process. We ensure a smooth transition by configuring the system according to your specific requirements, integrating it with relevant systems, and providing comprehensive training to your team. 


We support more than 2 000 users, and  our support desk manage and report on query resolution stats monthly. We adhere and report to strict services levels with our clients, where service levels and penalties are agreed upon and form part of the Master Services Agreement.



  • 85+ Successful TMS Implementations: With a track record of over 85 successful Treasury Management System implementations, we are the vendor of choice for corporates. Our proven methodologies, combined with our industry knowledge, ensure that your TMS implementation is efficient, on-time, and fully aligned with your treasury objectives.
  • Bank Connectivity and Integration Experts: We specialise in bank connectivity and integration, leveraging our expertise to establish seamless connections between your treasury systems and financial institutions.
  • Local support: Our dedicated local support team is always available to address any queries or challenges, ensuring a smooth and productive user experience.
  • Zero IT Footprint Solutions: Our solutions are designed to have a zero IT footprint, eliminating the need for complex and costly IT infrastructure. By leveraging cloud-based technology and innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) models, we provide hassle-free implementation, maintenance, and upgrades, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the technical aspects.
  • Project Deliverables Aligned with Approved Blueprints: We ensure that project deliverables align with the approved project blueprints. We closely monitor progress, manage timelines, and proactively address any deviations to ensure that your treasury technology implementation stays on track and delivers the desired outcomes according to your strategic objectives.


Effective treasury management plays a crucial role in optimising financial operations. AECI, a South African chemicals group, were not satisfied with their existing treasury management system and the lack of local support. TreasuryONE successfully addressed AECI’s challenges by implementing the IT2 Treasury Management System and providing comprehensive support services.

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Equites, South Africa’s only specialist logistics property fund on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, has selected TreasuryONE to provide an integrated solution for their treasury operations related to property investment portfolio management.

TreasuryONE implemented a world-class treasury management system (TMS) for the treasury team at Equites, which provides an integrated solution that encompasses the financing of property investments, cash and liquidity management and forecasting, internal and external loan administration, interest rate hedging, and financial risk analysis, and provides strong audit features through process maps and performance reporting.

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JUMO, a leading Banking as a Service platform utilising AI-powered financial services in emerging markets, invested in a treasury management system to connect their banking landscape for real-time cash visibility, enhanced cash management and a central payments hub. JUMO partnered with TreasuryONE to implemented and support the TMS, which provides JUMO with a centralised payments factory, streamlined cash management processes, enhanced reporting capabilities, and comprehensive fraud protection measures.

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Santam faced several challenges in their treasury operations, including manual processes, lack of cash visibility, and the absence of a centralised treasury function. By leveraging the IT2 Treasury Management System, Santam successfully addressed these challenges and achieved significant improvements in their treasury operations.

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By partnering with TreasuryONE for your Treasury Management System solutions, you will achieve the following outcomes:

Optimal System Utilisation: As treasury experts, we strategically select and deploy our TMS solutions to ensure optimal system utilisation, drawing from our extensive experience in running treasury departments and deep understanding of the technology and bank connectivity landscape. By recommending advanced features and functionalities, we empower you to streamline treasury operations, drive efficiency, and leverage valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Enhanced Treasury Efficiency: Leveraging our industry knowledge and expertise in seamless bank and ERP connectivity, we enable accurate, automated, and fully auditable reports, liberating treasury teams from mundane, time-consuming manual tasks. This automation empowers treasury professionals to prioritise decision-making, fostering greater control and efficiency in effectively managing corporate finances.

Tailored Scalability and Flexibility: Recognising the diverse requirements of corporate treasuries, our TMS solutions – including industry-leading options like IT2, versatile solutions like Kyriba, and user-friendly alternatives like TreasuryXpress – are thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique needs. With a focus on scalability and flexibility, we empower your treasury to seamlessly adapt and grow, ensuring continuous support for your evolving operations and expanding demands.


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