TreasuryONE recently hosted a webinar, where our Currency Experts, along with ETM Analytics, discussed the most recent drivers of the markets.


  • Wichard Cilliers, Head of Market Risk, TreasuryONE
  • Andre Botha, Senior Dealer, TreasuryONE
  • George Glynos, Head of Research, ETM Analytics



🔹 The USD had its worst week in more than 2 years, but will the momentum continue?

🔹 Inflation data seemed to have topped but will a looming US recession cause more volatility in 2023?

🔹 The FED remained hawkish in their last meeting and some speakers continue to talk up interest rates although at a slower pace, will this be seen at the next FOMC meeting in December?

🔹 Will SARB continue to hike by 75bps next week?

🔹 Rand volatility will remain with us into 2023 and only expect a move back to fair value around Q2 of 2023.