Daily Cash & Liquidity Management

Get access to a team of subject matter experts whose main goal is to reduce interest costs on borrowings and maximise interest earnings on surplus cash to ensure optimal utilisation of funds across transactional bank accounts.

Track Record: Connected to all banks | 10k statements received daily | R34b Money Market Investments.


Managing cash is essential for any business

Through the power of our cash and liquidity management services, you can get the most out of your cash every day without spending valuable time managing it


Interest optimisation

Leverage our expertise to minimise interest expenses on borrowings and maximise interest earnings on surplus cash, optimising your financial position and enhancing profitability.


Enhanced liquidity

Ensure liquidity across your transactional bank accounts with our strategic management approach, mitigating the risk of cash shortages and providing flexibility to seize opportunities as they arise.


Cost reduction

Benefit from reduced borrowing costs and improved returns on cash investments, driving down overall financial expenses and bolstering your bottom line.

Tailored solutions

Receive personalised cash and liquidity management strategies tailored to your unique business needs, empowering you to achieve your financial objectives with precision and efficiency.

Daily cash and liquidity process flow

1. Systemised process
At TreasuryONE, our systemised process for cash and liquidity management ensures that every financial transaction is meticulously tracked and managed. From the moment funds enter your account, our world-class treasury management systems take over, automating routine tasks and minimising errors. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances accuracy, providing you with peace of mind that your cash flow is being expertly handled. 
2. Active management
Effective cash and liquidity management requires constant attention and expert intervention. Our cash team actively monitors your cash positions throughout the day, making strategic decisions to optimise liquidity. Whether it’s reallocating funds to meet unexpected expenses or investing surplus cash to maximise returns, we ensure your financial resources are always working in your favour.

3. Effortless reporting
TreasuryONE simplifies this process with effortless reporting, providing you with clear, concise, and up-to-date financial insights. Our tailored reports are designed to give you a comprehensive view of your cash positions, liquidity trends, and financial forecasts, all at a glance. With us handling your reporting, you can easily access the critical information you need to make informed decisions without getting bogged down in manual time consuming data capturing. 

Why choose TreasuryONE

  • Expertise
    With over 150+ years of combined experience in the treasury industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise to the table.
  • Technology driven
    We leverage cutting-edge treasury management systems, the newest connectivity standards like API and data analytics tools to provide real-time insights, robust reporting, and streamlined processes. This empowers our clients to make informed decisions and manage risks more effectively.
  • Reduced cost
    Outsourcing your cash visibility reporting treasury tasks generates significant cost savings through the shared use of our expertise, technical resources and economies of scale.
  • Proactive support
    We proactively approach client relationships, offering ongoing support and expert advice. We understand the banking landscape in SA & Africa and offer the most robust solutions to clients.
  • Annually measure our service offering
    Once a year, we attend Euro Finance to ensure that our service offerings are comparable to the best in the world.

Proven track record

Thungela was formed when the South African thermal coal operations demerged from their parent company and listed on the JSE and LSE in June 2021. As a result of the demerger, Thungela had to set up its own treasury department.

TreasuryONE was approached to assist with the set-up of a treasury department that runs on world-class treasury technology. Within just four weeks, Thungela’s treasury function was up and running – utilising TreasuryONE’s team of experts.

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DRDGOLD, a prominent gold producer in South Africa, opted to outsource its treasury operations to TreasuryONE because of our ability to handle intricate financial transactions, adeptness in risk management, and state-of-the-art treasury technology offerings.

As a result of this decision, DRDGOLD gained access to a team of treasury experts who manage everyday treasury tasks, world-class treasury technology, and connectivity to all banks. This has enabled the automation of cash and investment visibility.

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Libstar was founded in 2005 to acquire and grow operations in the consumer-packaged goods industry. The product portfolio comprises more than 9000 products, and 92% of Group revenue is generated from food sales.

Libstar approached TreasuryONE to implement and manage a central cash management structure for the group.

Each Libstar division was responsible for their respective cash management activities and could not take advantage of the overall group cash position to minimise interest cost and maximise the return on cash.

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Following the unbundling of Motus from Imperial Holdings, the Imperial team responsible for their treasury activities remained within Imperial.

Motus performed a comprehensive analysis to weigh up the pros and cons of setting up their own internal treasury team or appointing the experienced treasury outsourcer TreasuryONE that was already familiar with the group.

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A leading supplier of construction materials across Southern Africa turned to TreasuryONE for a bespoke outsourced treasury solution. The objective was to provide this JSE-listed company with a backup team of experienced treasury resources at TreasuryONE that can step in for daily Cash & Liquidity duties, as well as FX risk management when required.

As a result, the company now has access to a world-class Treasury Management System, as well as a fully integrated best-practice solution that supports treasury in its entirety, fulfilling cash, debt and investment, financial risk, treasury accounting, and more.

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