Treasury Management Systems

Our full-service offering includes design, implementation, connectivity & support, so you never have to worry about tech.

Track Record:  90+ TMS implementations | Support to 2k+ users | Connect 10k+ bank accounts.


World-class Treasury solutions

Experience world-class Treasury solutions, seamlessly integrated and supported by our local specialists. We bring the best systems to your corporation, tailored to meet your specific needs.


Treasury process maps

Unique visual process maps provide complete visibility of all workflows, and features real-time tasks, so you always know what to do.


Reporting reimagined

Reports and charts can easily be combined into powerful real-time dashboards. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to collect your data.


Integration with any system

Our native transformation engine handles integration with any system, in any format. Integration with REST APIs, third-party APIs, or traditional file-exchange.

We handle the technology

For all our technology implementations, we manage the ongoing maintenance and uptime of the technology infrastructure:

  • Trusted Hosting Platform: Our treasury management system, IT2, is hosted on the highly secure Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Physical Security: Azure implements stringent access controls and surveillance measures to safeguard the physical infrastructure.
  • Compliance Certifications: Our hosting environment is certified to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements to ensure compliance and peace of mind.
  • Network Security: Advanced features like virtual networks, firewalls, and DDoS protection fortify our environment against cyber threats.
  • Reliability: Azure’s robust infrastructure and redundant data centres ensure high availability and reliability for your application, and stringent service level agreements guarantee uptime.
  • Security: Azure provides extensive security features, including built-in compliance controls, encryption, threat detection, and identity management tools, to help protect your application and data.
  • Data Encryption: Azure’s built-in encryption capabilities ensure that your data remains encrypted both in transit and at rest, providing an additional layer of security.
  • Threat Detection: Continuous monitoring and logging mechanisms help detect and respond to security incidents promptly, therefore minimising risks.

We analyse, implement & support

Our extensive experience spans diverse industries, including banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, mining, automotive, agriculture, financial services, and beyond, showcasing our deep understanding of varied requirements.

  • Needs Analysis:
    Our process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your treasury requirements. Engaging with key stakeholders, we assess your current processes, challenges, and objectives to identify the most suitable TMS solution that fits your needs and budget.
  • Solution Recommendation:
    Based on our analysis, we recommend the best TMS solution from our offerings. Our recommendation considers factors like system capabilities, scalability, integration, user friendliness, and cost-effectiveness to provide clear insights that aid your decision-making.
  • Implementation:
    Upon selecting the TMS solution, our team manages the implementation process. We ensure a seamless transition by configuring the system to your specific needs, integrating it with relevant systems, and providing thorough training to your team.
  • Support:
    With over 2,000 users supported, our dedicated support desk manages and reports on query resolution statistics monthly. We adhere to the strict service levels outlined in our Master Services Agreement, ensuring timely and efficient support for your operations.

Key benefits of a TMS system

  • Global Cash Visibility: Facilitate optimal cash and liquidity management through comprehensive global cash visibility.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Web portal access empowers non-treasury teams for seamless deal capture, cash management requests, and forecast submissions.
  • Efficient Asset Management: Streamlined management of FX, investments, debt, credit facilities, intercompany loans, and deals that ensure operational efficiency.
  • Automation Capabilities: Automate hedge effectiveness testing, journal creation, and general ledger exports while reducing manual intervention and enhancing accuracy.
  • Structural Optimisation: Enable intercompany account structures, multi-lateral netting, and automated cash pooling to optimise treasury operations.
  • Customizability and Reporting: Highly configurable workbenches, dashboards, and custom reporting capabilities cater to diverse organisational needs to ensure insightful decision-making.

Why choose TreasuryONE

  • 90+ Successful TMS Implementations:
    With extensive local and international experience, we’re your trusted vendor for TMS solutions. Our proven methodologies and industry expertise guarantee efficient and on-time implementations that are aligned with your Treasury goals.
  • Bank Connectivity and Integration Experts:
    We specialise in bank connectivity and integration, leveraging our expertise to establish seamless connections between your Treasury system, ERP and financial institutions.
  • Local Support:
    Our dedicated team offers local support and understands the local environment, resulting in smooth user experiences.
  • Aligned Project Deliverables:
    We take care of project administration, and we ensure that project deliverables match approved blueprints to keep your Treasury technology implementation on track.
  • Zero IT Footprint Solutions:
    Enjoy hassle-free implementation and maintenance with our cloud-based solutions.

Our proven track record

Following the unbundling of Motus from Imperial Holdings, the Imperial team responsible for their treasury activities remained within Imperial. Motus performed a comprehensive analysis to weigh up the pros and cons of setting up their own internal treasury team or appointing the experienced treasury outsourcer TreasuryONE that was already familiar with the group.

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AECI is a diversified Group of 16 companies. It has regional and international businesses in Africa, Europe, South East Asia, North America, South America and Australia. Products and services are provided to a broad spectrum of customers in the mining, water treatment, plant and animal health, food and beverage, infrastructure and general industrial sectors.

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Thungela was formed when the South African thermal coal operations demerged from their parent company and listed on the JSE and LSE in June 2021. As a result of the demerger, Thungela had to set up its own treasury department.

TreasuryONE was approached to assist with the set-up of a treasury department that runs on world-class treasury technology. Within just four weeks, Thungela’s treasury function was up and running – utilising TreasuryONE’s team of experts.

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Rand Refinery Limited selected TreasuryONE as their Treasury Systems Provider to support its treasury operations.

TreasuryONE host, implement, and integrate the treasury management system (TMS) so that the TMS place no strain on internal client IT resources.

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Equites is a property development company with operations in South Africa and the UK, faced increasing complexities in financial risk management. Their treasury operations were initially dependent on basic software like Excel, which was insufficient for their growing needs.

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Mr Price has selected its Technology Services to support their treasury operations. Mr Price is using Treasury Management System (TMS) technology in conjunction with the TreasuryONE bank connectivity network to enhance their cash visibility and forecasting capabilities.

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