South Africa’s leading treasury technology and services company, TreasuryONE, has once again demonstrated its expertise in bank connectivity solutions through a recent client engagement. A large South African chemical company faced with the task of upgrading their ERP system, turned to TreasuryONE for guidance on optimising their bank connectivity and ERP integration.


After careful consideration, the company decided to leverage TreasuryONE’s innovative Connectivity-as-a-Service solution, providing a seamless connection between their ERP and all banking partners. TreasuryONE’s deep understanding of bank connectivity enabled them to assist the company in selecting cost-effective and secure solutions tailored to each bank’s unique capabilities.

TreasuryONE’s dedicated implementation team took charge of establishing connectivity with each bank, ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing management. Notably, the solution is API-ready, anticipating the introduction of real-time bank feeds as local banks roll out their API protocols.


As a result, the company now enjoys the benefits of a centralised access point for all their banks, resulting in streamlined payment processing, efficient bank statement collection, and real-time payment status updates. The solution seamlessly handles file conversions between the ERP and diverse bank formats, eliminating compatibility challenges.