Empowering Treasury Teams with Enhanced Efficiency and Risk Reduction

TreasuryONE, South Africa’s leading provider of innovative treasury management solutions, offers an Operations and Accounting Service using the IT2 Treasury System to assist treasurers and treasury teams in efficiently managing their daily tasks while mitigating risks through access to a team of highly qualified resources.

Treasury professionals in South Africa face numerous challenges, and finding experienced and skilled resources ranks higher and higher on the challenge list.  The complex nature of treasury tasks, regulatory requirements and bank settlement procedures calls for a solution that empowers treasury teams to excel while reducing potential risks.

Hennie de Klerk, Founder and CEO at TreasuryONE, explains, “Our Operations and Accounting Service serves as an invaluable extension to existing treasury departments. This service provides treasurers and treasury teams with a range of benefits to enhance their daily operations. By partnering with TreasuryONE, organisations gain access to a team of uber-qualified resources, each equipped with deep knowledge and experience in treasury management while sharing economies of scale. Our staff seamlessly integrate into existing work teams, delivering additional expertise and redundancy to reduce risks and ensure maximum efficiency.”

Our operations team are all highly skilled in using IT2 and work with all banks, local and international. The team have dedicated relationships in the various bank operational departments, such as Confirmations, Inwards, Outwards, FEC processing, Commodity Settlements, and Exchange control and opens all these channels to ensure that queries are resolved and complex settlements and payments are processed within the SARB rules whilst adhering to banking cut-off times.

Now, treasurers can confidently navigate the complexities of treasury management, knowing they have a dedicated team of professionals at their side. The added layer of expertise and redundancy not only reduces the burden on internal resources but also provides valuable peace of mind.

We can help

Our Treasury Outsourcing solution provides corporations with a comprehensive and reliable outsourced treasury service,
leveraging world-class Treasury Management Technology.

  • Access to a TMS: Organisations gain access to world-class treasury management systems, which would not be possible unless they purchase such software themselves. The reduced capital layout is a major win in treasury outsourcing.
  • Reduced costs: Access to uber-qualified staff who generates significant cost savings through the shared use of human expertise, technical resources and economies of scale by the outsourcing organisation’s clients.
  • No more HR headaches: TreasuryONE recruits, employs, trains and manages treasury resources, freeing companies from the HR burden of appointing, managing and finding scarce skilled staff.
  • Scalability: Outsourcing allows for ease of scalability either in services provided or growth in the business.

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