TreasuryONE’s Forecasting-as-a-Serivce (“FAST”) represents a transformative leap in cash flow forecasting, combining innovation, automation, and expert support to provide businesses with a powerful solution for navigating and optimising their financial future.

  • FAST leverages bank statements and ERP integration, ensuring a level of precision and simplicity when compared with conventional methods.
  • A standout feature of FAST lies in its simplicity and efficiency. The TreasuryONE team will provide a base forecast, engaging with the business team for final adjustments, resulting in a more accurate cash flow forecast and optimised resource utilisation.

Key Features of the FAST Service:

  • Immediate Access to TreasuryONE’s Expert Team: Businesses gain instant access to a team of cash flow forecast experts, ensuring the necessary support and expertise for navigating the complexities of cash flow forecasting.
  • ERP and Bank Statement Automation: Streamlined integration facilitates the automatic population of data from ERP and bank statements, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual input errors.
  • Comprehensive Features for In-Depth Analysis: FAST offers a suite of features for thorough cash flow forecast analysis.
  • In-Depth Cash Flow Reporting: Robust reporting capabilities enable detailed comparisons between Forecast vs Actual and Forecast vs Forecast, empowering businesses to accurately track their financial performance.


Pieter Cronje, Director and Head of Cash & Liquidity at TreasuryONE commented, “FAST is designed to cater to the needs of businesses across various industries and sizes. Its user-friendly interface and robust analytical tools make it an ideal solution for companies looking to enhance their cash flow forecasting and decision-making processes.”