Executive Summary

treasuryone-south-africa-case-study-executive-summaryA prominent JSE-listed retailer has partnered with TreasuryONE to enhance its ERP-to-bank connectivity.

By adopting TreasuryONE’s Connectivity-as-a-Service Solution, the retail group is now able to streamline payment processes across its extensive network of banks and ERP systems.


treasuryone-south-africa-case-study-challengesConnectivity: Maintaining a stable and reliable connection between the two systems can be a challenge, especially if the systems are located in different geographical locations.

Data integration: Ensuring that the data is properly integrated between the two systems can be a challenge, as different systems may use different data formats or structures.

IT Support: If the ERP system doesn’t have a built-in integration with the bank, organisations may need to rely on IT support to build a custom integration.


treasuryone-south-africa-case-study-solutionRecognising the need to partner with a local expert firm to manage their bank connectivity and ERP integration, TreasuryONE was selected. The TreasuryONE track record of connecting to more than 10,000 bank statements daily, their in-depth knowledge of the local and African banking payment landscape and world-class connectivity technology was considered during the selection process.


treasuryone-south-africa-case-study-results TreasuryONE offers hybrid connectivity solutions that are implemented and maintained by them 24/7/365.

treasuryone-south-africa-case-study-results The solution takes care of file conversion from ERP to Bank and Bank to ERP and the API integration tool provides a seamless secure single access point to all banks.

treasuryone-south-africa-case-study-results All local payments, cross-border payments and bank statement retrieval are now automatic.

treasuryone-south-africa-case-study-results The partnership ensures that the retailer is utilising the latest solutions for bank connectivity, and in return, it reduces the strain on internal IT resources, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.urity.


Connect to any bank locally or globally: Connect with banks across the globe through API, host-to-host connections, local connections (EBICS), RPA or SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for Business. Two-way communication between your banks, ERP(s), and any other financial systems. Send payment files to the bank
automatically in the bank’s format. Get confirmations from the bank in your system’s format.

Building integrations for better communication: For improved automation between your core systems, you can connect with any ERP system, for example, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage, NetSuite, and more, via API or SFTP. It’s possible to connect with any other financial system or even HR systems and to establish connections with any other system where payment files are located, like wallet accounts, for example.  TreasuryONE develops the data mapping and
takes care of the data format conversions to ensure uninterrupted communication between organisations systems.

Zero maintenance for your team: We manage the connections TreasuryONE monitors and maintains all connections to ensure that operations can continue even if banks make changes on their end. We work with organisations’ IT teams to do the heavy lifting and file conversions when there are changes. The solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure to ensure the highest possible security.