Reduce Cash Flow Forecasting time by 75% 

TreasuryONE is proud to announce our newest treasury technology & services solution, Cash Flow Forecasting, which eases the forecasting burden on finance and treasury teams.

Now, with cutting-edge technology at the heart of our treasury portfolio, we help businesses transform their process of forecasting cash by cutting manual workload and reporting timelines by 75% – saving finance teams countless hours of valuable time and bringing crystal clear visibility over current and future cash flows with increased accuracy and interrogation capabilities.

CashAnalytics, a cloud-based system powered by TreasuryONEeases the burden of preparing and collating multiple CFF workings and consolidation reports via spreadsheets, freeing up time to review forecasts, highlight potential issues and resolve where necessary. It also stores historical data and forecast submissions – allowing for forecast vs forecast reports, as well as actuals vs forecast.



In this video, Pieter Cronje, Head of Cash & Liquidity at TreasuryONE, discusses how CashAnalytics transforms the forecasting process:

Transform cash forecasting process by cutting manual workload and reporting timelines by over 90%


  • Increased cash flow visibility: CashAnalytics allows for all sources of data to be centralised into a single and intuitive dashboard. This gives you everything that you need for increased cash visibility and cash flow planning in one place.
  • Reduced administration: Simplify the complexity of cash flow management across multi-entity companies with an inclusive solution. CashAnalytics allows you to reduce the time it takes to create forecasts from days to minutes which will free up more time for analysis.
  • Improved accuracy: Eliminate unreliable data entry and gain more confidence in the accuracy of your cash flow forecasts.
  • Multi-currency consolidation: This enables users to quickly understand cash requirements and risks across the entire business in all geographic locations.