TreasuryONE, South Africa’s leading treasury solutions company, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Bank Fee Analysis Service. The new service will help businesses save time and money by identifying unnecessary fees and charges through a thorough review of bank statements. TreasuryONE’s Bank Fee Analysis Service offers a comprehensive report that breaks down fees by type and rectifies discrepancies with minimal disruption. With its sophisticated technology and automated processes, businesses will have visibility into all bank fees and opportunities for cost reduction and process improvement. Our Bank Fee Analysis Service is designed to help businesses of all sizes identify areas of cost-saving and optimisation,” explained Hennie de Klerk, Founder & CEO at TreasuryONE. “We understand that many businesses simply give their bank fees a cursory glance-over every month due to the time-consuming effort it takes, and thus our goal is to help them automate the process and categorise the data.” TreasuryONE’s Bank Fee Analysis Service supports all South African banks and provides monthly reviews with quarterly reporting and analysis. The service is tailored to meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring that every client receives a customised analysis that is relevant to their specific situation. Benefits of the service:
  • Improved visibility: TreasuryONE provides a comprehensive view of all bank fees, making it easy to identify areas where fees can be reduced.
  • Cost savings: By identifying and reducing unnecessary bank fees, companies can save significant amounts of money.
  • Streamlined processes: TreasuryONE automates the process of bank fee analysis, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.
  • Better decision-making: With accurate and up-to-date information on bank fees, companies can make better-informed decisions about their banking relationships.
  • Reporting: TreasuryONE offers a wide range of reporting options, which makes it easy for companies to share the results of their bank fee analysis with stakeholders and management.
“We are excited to launch this new service as we continue to help businesses unlock financial value,” concluded De Klerk. About TreasuryONE TreasuryONE is SA’s market leader in providing a broad range of best practice treasury solutions and technologies to organisations of all sizes. TreasuryONE’s product offerings include the delivery and support of treasury management technology systems, market risk management and execution services, corporate treasury services, cash and liquidity management, money market funds, corporate payment factory and supply chain finance technology. Clients experience the value of enhanced treasury performance and reduced risk in today’s demanding economic environment. [/section]