Even the most skilled treasury professionals can miss out on substantial savings due to the complexity of bank charges on statements and cash management services. The challenge of deciphering these intricate statements often leads to confusion. It hinders the ability to fully comprehend bank fees, potentially costing businesses up to 10% of their bank fees in errors.

The Challenge: Navigating Complex Bank Fees

Understanding Obscure Expenses

Deciphering bank billing statements is a formidable task. When cross-border payment costs are involved, the challenge intensifies, making it difficult to grasp the precise nature of bank fees. This confusion can obscure potential savings and hinder effective financial management.

Missed Savings Opportunities

Even seasoned treasury professionals can overlook opportunities for cost reductions. With up to 10% of bank fees billed in error, identifying and rectifying these discrepancies can lead to substantial savings. However, without the right tools, these savings often go unnoticed.

Financial Clarity Hurdles

Transparency is key to financial clarity. Without it, businesses struggle to achieve their goals, particularly when working with banking partners. The lack of clear and accurate information on bank fees can create significant roadblocks.

The Solution: TreasuryONE’s Bank Fee Analysis Solution

To address these challenges, TreasuryONE has developed and designed advanced bank fee analysis reports designed to decode and simplify the interpretation of complicated bank charges.


TreasuryONE provides reliable data on global cash management services. It transforms account analysis statements from all your banks, regardless of format, into a standardised and harmonised view. The software captures any machine-readable statement format, including EDI 822, TWIST BSB, CAMT.086 BSB, CSV, and PDF.

Key features include:

  • Automatic integration of all bank billing statements.
  • Comprehensive mapping of each item charged based on AFP Domestic and Global Service Codes.
  • A user-friendly platform that captures multiple currencies, countries, accounts, banks, and services.


TreasuryONE ensures accountability by identifying and correcting all billing violations. It validates every service, price, volume, charge, and rate against an established baseline, speeding up the recovery of incorrect fees. On average, businesses can find over 10% in billing errors each month.

We can identify:

  • Price errors
  • Volume errors
  • Rate errors
  • Calculation errors
  • Inconsistencies
  • New services and accounts added
  • Dormant accounts

Visibility & Predictability

The rich data provided by bank billing statements offers a comprehensive view of your company’s cash management engine. We use this data to provide key insights, helping you measure consolidated bank charges, model and predict future bank fees, plan for business expansion, and strengthen your negotiating position.