Corporate Banking Hub

Enter the future of corporate banking. Log into a cloud-based portal that integrates with all your banks, syncs automatically, and gives each stakeholder the same holistic view.

Track Record: 80M+ transactions | $100B+ in payments | Connects to 60k+ bank accounts.


Get your own banking platform

Control all your banks from one online platform: manage users, access real-time cash visibility reports, easily handle liquidity transfers, and digitise payment policies for secure outgoing payments


Analyse cash flow better

At a glance, view your opening, projected and intra-day balances and updates. Just configure dashboards and screens to your liking, and you’re on your way.


Forecast more accurately

Forecast your expected cash by viewing your projected revenues, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll. Plus, compare forecasts to budgets. Your financial data syncs automatically with the platform.


Transform your payments

Centralised domestic and international payment processing on a single platform. Manage user access, digitise payment policies, and increase security with SSO protocols, and reduced payment administration risk.


Financial management

Recordkeeping of instruments like FX, Facilities, Debt, and Money Market, with the automatic creation of payments for settling financial deals and inclusion in the forecasting module.

View cash across all currencies, accounts, subsidiaries and instruments


  • We establish, maintain and monitor connectivity to banks and integration to ERP.
  • We enable automated real-time cash visibility across all your bank accounts.

  • Finance teams can monitor balances, transactions, and account activities in a single consolidated view.

  • The solution facilitates cash pooling and sweeping, resulting in optimised cash positions across multiple accounts.


Get a clear view of cash and liquidity

Forecast easier

  • Multi-subsidiary forecasting and analysis where users can tailor and adjust their cash forecasts to the needs of their business.
  • ERP and 3rd party integration to combine payables, receivables and other information to improve forecast accuracy.
  • Forecast adjustment rules to automate projections.
  • Forecasts vs Actuals comparisons.

Business payments made simple

Transform your payments with:

  • Greater visibility to understand the status of payments in seconds. Make decisions about when to pay and correct errors before it’s too late.

  • Greater control over payments with the digitised payment policy. Choose the process that fits your business. You can have multiple approval layers and easily view who’s responsible for each task. Management of users is now in your hands.

  • Greater security in the payment process with fraud detection, sanction screening, ERP to bank integration, SSO and multifactor authorisation.


Bank account management

Save time, reduce costs, and increase security by managing access to bank accounts in one platform. 

Our solution can:

  • Record signers on bank accounts.
  • Specify different signer types.
  • Attach mandate documents.
  • Attach personal documents.
  • Copy/Swap/Move access rights between persons.

Our proven track record

A large South African chemical services company selected TreasuryONE’s Connectivity-as-a-Service technology solution for seamless payment processing and bank statement intestatus updates.

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A prominent JSE-listed retailer has partnered with TreasuryONE to enhance its ERP-to-bank connectivity. By adopting TreasuryONE’s Connectivity-as-a-Service Solution, the retail group is now able to streamline payment processes across its extensive network of banks and ERP system.

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Caxton Alternative Management boosted their cash & liquidity with the Banking Hub’s Cash Management & Payments.

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Avalon economised and decluttered their resource-intensive treasury operations.

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