A leading retail company faced significant challenges in optimising its cash flow forecasting processes. The organisation grappled with time-consuming manual efforts, limited capacity for analysis, and the inherent risk of errors in their existing Excel-based approach.

Utilising a world-class, dedicated forecasting tool, our service delivers exceptional results in accuracy and efficiency. By automating the forecasting process, we save our clients countless hours and eradicate manual errors. What truly sets our service apart is the expertise of the TreasuryONE team, who can directly analyse data from clients’ bank statements, allowing client teams to focus on strategic analysis rather than tedious data entry in Excel spreadsheets.

How TreasuryONE can help:

We provide complete visibility into your cash positions, liquidity forecasts, and transactional information to manage day-to-day cash flow.

Our track record speaks for itself:

R37bn+ in Money Markets | 10k+ bank statements daily | R5m+ saved in bank fees

What are your biggest forecasting challenges?

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