Forex Risk Management

Gain instant access to an experienced team of FX dealers that manage your exposures in real time to protect your profit margin.

Track Record: R300bn FX traded in 2023, 9 dealers, 25k+ deals, & 20k+ settlements annually.


Efficient FX risk management services

Currency fluctuations can significantly impact your business’ finances and affect profitability, cash flow, and market position. Our currency risk management services are tailored to mitigate these effects, and to ensure stability in your operations.


Your own FX dealer

As an importer or exporter, you get access to a dealing team that watches the market 24/7, so you can focus on your business while we focus on FX volatility.


Hedging risk

We review your current forex strategy, identify opportunities for improvement, and we develop a sturdy, personalised risk plan that addresses your forex exchange exposure requirements.


Best FX rates

We secure the best FX rates by expertly timing the market and employing a range of risk management strategies through  market research and analysis. This comprehensive approach allows us to optimise FX rates for our clients.


Economic research

In conjunction with ETM Analytics, we analyse key financial market, economic, and policy events in real-time to provide clients with immediate advice on how to react. 

Current FX view

We regularly deliver insightful and up-to-date market research on FX trading ranges to provide our clients with expert analysis and the latest trends in the financial markets.

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Previous FX views

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  • Understand your business
    We start by understanding your business risks to analyse your industry dynamics, market factors, and unique exposures. Leveraging our expertise, we craft tailored solutions to optimise your risk-return profile. 
  • Develop hedging strategies
    We create customised hedging strategies based on our grasp of your risk profile. These strategies effectively mitigate identified risks while aligning with your risk tolerance and financial goals.
  • Analyse the economic landscape
    We stay updated on market events as they happen, analysing the economic landscapes, trends, and geopolitical shifts that impact your risk exposures. This ensures our hedging strategies remain relevant and adaptable to evolving market conditions.
  • Execute hedging instruments
    Once the hedging strategy is set, we handle the execution on your behalf. Leveraging our dealers’ expertise and market insights, we secure hedging transactions at optimal rates. Working closely with trusted counterparts, we utilise advanced trading platforms for efficient and seamless execution.
  • Settle deals
    Our operations team brings vast settlement experience and fosters strong relationships with every bank’s settlement department. This ensures prompt and precise settlements, reaching the correct beneficiary every time.

Our proven track record

Bell Group is a prominent multinational corporation operating in various sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, and retail. With operations spread across multiple countries, the company is exposed to foreign currency risks due to international trade, foreign subsidiaries, and currency conversions for financial reporting.

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The rand is one of the most volatile currencies in the world. For importers and exporters, market risk and currency volatility pose real risks to their businesses, and exchange risk management continues to be a priority for South African CFOs and treasurers.

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Thungela was formed when the South African thermal coal operations demerged from Anglo-American and listed on the JSE and LSE in June 2021. As a result of the demerger, Thungela had to set up its own treasury department.

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TreasuryONE’s dealing team works closely with DRDGOLD to protect them from adverse movements in the exchange rate when the risk arises, ensuring that the company is effectively hedged and adverse exchange rate movements are avoided.

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“The rand is one of the most volatile currencies in the world. We know how volatile currency markets can be and how sensitive currencies can react to any changes and news headlines. For importers and exporters, market risk and currency volatility pose real risks to their businesses, and exchange risk management continues to be a priority for South African CFOs and Treasurers.”
Hennie de Klerk, Founder & CEO, TreasuryONE

Why choose TreasuryONE

  • Expertise
    With over 150 years of combined experience in the financial industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise to the table.
  • Reduced cost
    Outsourcing your risk management generates significant cost savings through the shared use of our expertise, technical resources and economies of scale.
  • Best price
    Our understanding of pricing dynamics and our strategy of keeping the banks on their toes allow us to secure the best, most fair, and most reflective FX pricing for our clients. Our extensive knowledge of how financial institutions adjust their rates based on market dynamics ensure that we leverage every advantage to negotiate favourable terms.
  • Technology driven
    We leverage cutting-edge treasury management systems and data analytics tools to provide real-time insights, robust reporting, and streamlined processes. This empowers our clients to make informed decisions and manage risks more effectively.
  • Proactive support
    We take a proactive approach to client relationships, offering ongoing support, market updates, and expert advice. Our team is always available to address concerns, provide timely hedging recommendations, and adapt strategies to changing market conditions.